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    OCTOBER, Johannesburg
    Africa's leading Cybersecurity Summit
  • Bigger & More Engagement Opportunities!
    Informative Educational Sessions
    AfriSecure attendees reflect the growing challenge that cyber security poses by
    no longer being contained within the realm of IT. Effective communication,
    understanding and collaboration between IT and operations within
    organizations and businesses are necessary for security.
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    October 2018 | Johannesburg
    Present your solutions in focused 60 minute workshop sessions.
    Meet and hear from cybersecurity experts during business meetings,
    panel discussions,round table discussions and networking opportunities.

October 2018 | Johannesburg

AfriSecure in 2017

The 2nd annual AfriSecure Summit brought to light the latest trends and technologies in the fight against cyber criminals in 2017

Lead Sponsor of the 2nd Annual AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit, Mimecast, presented the Anatomy of an Email-Borne Attack.

Ever wonder why it’s so darn easy for cyber criminals, hackers and even state-sponsored threat actors to attack your organization, steal your data, or hold it for ransom? Let’s face it: email is still the biggest entry point into your organization, even in secure environments. Security threats are real and debilitating, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Join us for Anatomy of an Email-Borne Attack, where we’ll paint the current threat landscape for attacks and demonstrate an actual live ‘hack’.


AfriSecure – Securing Africa for 2018

AfriSecure Summit aims to connect senior executives responsible for protecting their companies’
critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts.

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AfriSecure will create awareness around cyber security threats that organisations face today, as well as a look to the future. The summit seeks to unite organisations & solution providers with the goal of protecting information.

Risk Management

Corporate, financial and technological enterprises find themselves encountering new corporate governance and financial reporting challenges which are causing them to view company-wide risk from a different perspective.

Cloud Security and Virtualization

How has cloud security progressed over the past year? What is new, and how can you take full advantage of cloud security?

The Human Element

It is essential to educate the entire organisation on the importance of cyber security as staff members are a weak link for hackers.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance

IT governance, risk, and compliance are important to the organisation as it is use to generate revenue, improve customer experience, manage employees effectively, and create efficiencies.

Hackers and Threats

AfriSecure seeks to educate delegates about how to prevent hijacking of your usernames and passwords, stealing money via bank account fraud, identity theft, and cyber criminals infiltrating credit facilities.

DDOS Mitigation

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a threat to organisations that is potentially disastrous. AfriSecure will take a look at some past attacks as well as how to avoid them.


Application Security and DevOps

The rate at which apps are required to be developed is influencing how software is created and delivered, pushing the limits on the speed and innovation required of development teams.

Mobile Security

“Bring Your Own Device”, (BYOD) is a common security risk for organisations where systems can be infiltrated via the devices brought in by employees.


Ransomware has become one of the largest cyber security threats as it targets innocent users and holds them ransom for their data.

Featured Solutions

Afrisecure will address the most critical issues Africa is currently facing such as:

  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Operational security

  • End-user education
  • Ransomware
  • Internet of things
  • Mobile Security Breaches
  • Security Education

  • Social Responsibility
  • business continuity planning
  • Cybersecurity legislation


At Afrisecure your organisation has many opportunities to engage and connect on a peer to peer level. Afrisecure offers a wide range of opportunities, whether you are seeking a solution or looking to provide one.

Meet industry leaders

Cyber security executives spanning all industries across Africa will be presenting and networking at the summit.

Variety of brands

AfriSecure brings together a variety of successful brands that will be showcasing how they have protected numerous organisations.


Engage with the latest trends

AfriSecure provides a platform for the sharing of knowledge and engagement with discussion surrounding cyber security trends.

Interactive workshop sessions

Hear from leading innovators in focused 60 minute workshop sessions. The workshops are scheduled in advance as the topics are marketed made available during the build up to the summit.


Attend one of the top cyber security events in Africa

Align yourself or your organisation with the top cyber security innovators across industries.

Extended networking time

Afrisecure 2017 will present you many more opportunities to network with your fellow cyber security professionals.


The Cyber Security Power Team

In a unique initiative, the event will bring together the power team that manages IT security within the organisations; from the security analyst, enterprise architect, IT operations, infrastructure head, technology manager, to CIO and CISO, in a full effort to transform IT security in the organisation.

Business meetings

The AfriSecure Summit provides a space for the sharing of ideas for the promotion of the cyber security industry in Africa.