Dr. Joey Jansen van Vuuren

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Research Group Leader Cyber Defence

Dr Joey Jansen van Vuuren is the manager of the Cybersecurity Centre of Innovation at the CSIR South Africa that promote the collaboration between government, academia and industry and focus on cybersecurity research education and the exchange of cybersecurity threats in South Africa. Previously as the Research Group Leader for Cyber Defence for Scientific Research she gave the strategic research direction for the research group that was mainly involved in research for the SANDF and Government sectors on Cyber Defence.  She spend more than 20 years in academia and research with 10 years as the HOD for an academic IT department. As Cyber threats became extremely important for the RSA with the broadband changes, she focused her research around cyber security, and government policy and frameworks required to ensure national security. These include structures to ensure cybersecurity as well as curriculums for cybersecurity education. This research includes journal papers, conference papers and book chapters on cybersecurity governance. She has presented on several forums including national and international conferences and has also been invited as keynote speaker at international conferences. Apart from the research she is the Vice President (Academic) of the Higher Education Informations and Communication Technology Association and received several accolades for entrepreneurship, contract excellence and community service.


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