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J2 Software is a leading African Information Security and ICT business founded in 2006. J2 Software provides effective information security, governance, risk and compliance solutions to our customers. The need for greater governance and improved visibility has grown in recent times owing to dramatic changes to statutory and compliance related laws and codes. We help our customers protect their most prized asset, their INFORMATION.

J2 Software caters for businesses of all sizes and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Each customer is different and every one of these customers receives a tailor made solution built to fit their business today. We partner with our customers to deliver real value and cover genuine business requirements. There is no need to deploy technology for the sake of technology.

Our offering provides leading solutions backed by world class support services. Our handpicked solutions will give you complete visibility and control over your environment, reduce risk and lower costs. Your users work from everywhere, so should your security.

Visibility coupled with advanced and predictive analytics tells you where the threats are and allows you to remediate before the damage spreads; no matter where your users are.

J2 Software is proud to represent leading world class solutions such as Dtex SystemSkan, Mimecast, our J2 Online Backup solution and also provides managed security services from our Cyber Security Centre.