Mike Rees

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Territory Account Manager

Mike has extensive experience within the data management industry having represented brands like Veritas, Symantec and Intel Security. Mike’s experience extends across the African continent where he has worked for over 15 years, building a strong network of partners and end customers who adopted the technologies he represented. 

Working in an evolving industry that has transformed from extremely limited connectivity - or no connectivity - to embracing the cloud, he has gained vast insight to the challenges organizations face. Yet one basic principle has remained: “There is No Time for Down Time” which was the theme of a paper he presented in Lagos Nigeria in 2000. With increased connectivity comes increased challenges relating to the security and the availability of the lifeblood of the organization – your data, and Mike has specialised in this area of the industry as those responsible for data face a paradox.

  • Protecting it, so it's there when they need it, and it's secure
  • Using it - getting value from it.

Mike is currently employed as a Territory Manager at Commvault, the data management experts, helping organizations become experts with protecting and using their data.